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Pancake Rocks and Limestone Arches

The limestone arches in the Oparara Valley are an unbelievable site of Mother Nature’s. They are just a bit further up from Karamea, down an hours track through the bush. They are 200 metres long, and 37 metres high. The ‘sandwich’ has an underlying layer of Granite and an overlaying layer of mudstone, formed around 30 million years ago, beneath the sea! The limestone was created by millions of tiny skeletons and shells of marine animals crushing and compacting. On the walk up to them we passed what looked like your own private beach, totally secluded. Shame the water was so cold! Then on the way back down we passed this little fella, yet to tell you what bird he is! The Pancake rocks of Punakaiki we saw on our way from Westport through to Greymouth. These look like stacks of American pancakes, they’re just missing the bacon and maple syrup! They are still a mystery, although they know they are limestone they cannot fathom how they became to be in layers. The pressure forming under t

The little town of Karamea

  In the 1900’s settlers were brought in from England to set up in Karamea. They arrived with nothing but their own luggage and clothes on their backs. They had to set up their own food supply and built their own houses. Now, Karamea is a pretty little town, with a very friendly atmosphere. We enjoyed a nights stay there and went to their local little museum, full of old clothes, old washing machines, vehicles, beds, wedding dresses and so much more, all from when the settlers arrived at the beginning of the 20th Century. We then took a walk to the local hotel and bar (dashing through the rain!) to enjoy their open fire! And we met Ed who ran the place and looked after us whilst we enjoyed a bottle of wine and some superb dinner. We felt it was much deserved from getting so wet from the rain!

Bubbly Wine Tour

As we are in Marlborough, the largest wine region in New Zealand, with 27,000 Hectares, we thought it best that we do a wine tour! Well, what an indulgement! We enjoyed going to 6 different vineyards all transported by our lovely host Kathy, who did a great job of keeping up the conversations and making us all laugh! We were on tour with 4 other lovely people, one from France and 3 from England (and turns out they used to live in Wendover too!). Our intention of doing this tour was 1) yes to drink wine but 2) to find a bottle of wine that we could both enjoy. Stacey doesn't normally like white wines, but this tasting changed her mind quite a bit! Please bare in mind when we talk about these wines, they are personal preferences, so one that we may not like you (the reader) would possibly like, and vice versa! Frankie (the dog) enjoying the wine tasting with us! Our first stop was one of our favourites: Forrest Estate. Here we got to try a Sauvignon Blanc which we both liked (so firs

Mount Tauhara

  Well this was a few weeks back now, but we climbed a 1088m mountain to the top! It took us 3 hours and 50 minutes, including a 20 minute stop at the top for a bite to eat and photo opportunities! It was a spectacular walk though; walking first up hills with cows then you hit the bush and it was winding and weaving, climbing up steep steps from the roots of trees.. just amazing! Very adventurous! On the way up, about one third! 2 thirds of the way! View from about halfway, already amazing! We made it! Some other people had also made it, so they took this photo for us! Looking back at how far we went! We felt a great sense of achieveme nt and felt like if we do a few more of those we will be in tip top shape!