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24 hours in Intriguing Istanbul

A little blog post on our time in Istanbul, especially written for our friends Brett and Alan.  The buzzing city of Turkey, with mosques and bazaars, and a lot of culture and history. We spent 24 hours in this amazing city. We tried our best to figure out the tram situation but from what we could work out, you either needed a tram card or small notes (10 and 5 Lyra and exact change). It is cheap though, at just under 10 Lyra for one way. It’s a shame we didn’t manage to figure it out, or should i say, had the time to figure it out, as it would have been nice to venture to the other parts on the other side of the bridges. We visited the Blue mosque but sadly it was closed for repairs for a couple of months. But we enjoyed it nonetheless from the outside. Hearing the call to prayer between the Blue mosque and the Ayasofya mosque opposite was really special, sounding as though they are singing to each other. We did head back to the Blue mosque in the evening when it was dark to see i