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Bumbling through Bosnia & Herzegovina

We arrived into Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the end of October through the Strimica border, and what a welcome! The lady at border control was super nice and gave us some hints and tips of places to stay in her local town. When we drove away though we realised she hadn’t stamped our passports which we needed to have for proof of our whereabouts through Schengen and non Schengen so we drove back, and she thought we were stamp collectors until we explained! Our first stop we checked out a cave that was about 4 km long, but we didn't get very far as our torches weren't that great and we got chased out by some bats!  The view looking up from the cave Our first stop near the town of  Once we had collected our SIM card the next morning for a very cheap €2 for one week and lots of data, and paid our tourist tax we went on our way! We fell in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina immediately, we felt the landscape where we were was like a much bigger Switzerland. Stunning mountains and v

Creating Memories in Croatia

So we ended up staying in Croatia a lot longer than planned… keep reading to find out why! When we crossed the border to Croatia from Slovenia, the first border control we got to wasn’t an international one, so we had to drive an extra 15km to get to an international one. We didn’t even realise this was a thing! Anyway, we got our passports stamped and enjoyed our first night in Croatia just staying in a car park. We were awoken by the sound of Croatian music playing through the car park speakers! Our first spot by the sea! We stayed at so many beautiful places in Croatia, and even though we were there throughout October, the weather was flawless pretty much. And of course, being on the West Coast, we got to enjoy sunsets nearly every night! Our first proper stop over was at a lovely rocky beach, where we actually ended up staying for 3 nights. We enjoyed BBQ’s and swimming, and a flat battery at the end of it! Luckily, it was a popular spot and a local guy (who was actually Dutch)