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Heading North for warmth!

  Hi guys! Yeah, it seems a weird concept to go north for warmth but as it stands we are chasing the sun! We have been wearing man layers pf clothing and still been cold. We were not prepared for this weather at all. Isn’t it suppose to be sunny and warm all the time here? Hoping by our birthdays we can be on a beach in the sun! Keep your fingers crossed for us! Especially with all the lovely weather your’e getting. We’ve visited a couple of lovely places over the past few days as we make our way up to 90 mile beach ( have google and I’m sure you’ll get just as excited as we are). Berkeley enjoying Waipu Cove We got excited for the blue sky!! But it was still cold (even for Berkeley)! View point on our way to camp Baldrock, Topuni - This lovely campsite was out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields and mountains (well at least big hills anyway), we were greeted by a very friendly dog who even came to see us the morning along with some rather curious chickens! We considered goin

The adventure begins

  Well we definitely won’t miss the traffic in the UK! M25 and M4 always hectic! Let’s just say it was a long and nail biting drive to the airport! But we made it and Will’s parents waved us off with teary eyes. Having cram packed our suitcases and making sure we had packed everything we thought we would need, there was always something else that we could ‘squeeze in’, including last minute mugs to remind us of home. You never know what you’re going to need when starting up life in a campervan. Thai airways was posh by our standards, it’s no Ryanair, that’s for sure. We couldn’t believe the heat as we stepped off the plane in Bangkok, I guess we have that to look forward to! Sadly we didn’t stop long, only enough time for a pint and a snack at place called ‘Pub’ (of course you’d find us there!) and before we knew it we were back on a plane for 11 hours heading for New Zealand. Some how the second flight seemed longer although half an hour shorter, funny how theses things are. You compl