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Fun with Scottish weather, clutches and the NC500!

  What a heading, hey?! So after 6 months working on and off in England, we decided to explore the UK in our Luna. We had already done the South coast and Wales in HooHoo, so we decided to venture up north this time, as well as going to Scotland to do the North Coast 500. We ticked off the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales (which were our favourite), the Snakes Pass (and a pint at the highest pub in England, of course!), and even ventured to Whitby to have fish and chips, whilst hoping no seagulls would come down on us although in Scarborough Stacey did find out how lucky it is to be pooped on by one! Parked up on the Snake Pass with incredible views For our 3rd year wedding anniversary we got the train into Manchester to go to the Washroom (fancy, I know right?!). No seriously, it’s a really awesome cocktail bar, where we had a wide variety of cocktails, from alcoholic coco pops, to Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, and all things in-between, including trying a Schezuan bell pepper

It's been a while, let's update you...

So our last blog post was in March 2021, yikes! I was actually going to give up on the blog posts, until I was reminded by those of you who do read it that you enjoy them, so I thought I should continue them. The last post left us at my family villa in south Spain where we spent about 3 months with the Covid restrictions. We can’t complain though, it was wonderful to have that time in my old family home, just Stacey and I. We got to spend lots of quality time with my parents as well, and even my brother and his family came over twice! It also started a new adventure for us where we decided to sell HooHoo and build our own Campervan! This all started from helping clear out some belongings in the house, including breaking up some old wardrobes, and I remember looking at the wood and thinking; “this is good quality wood, it would be great to build the inside of a Campervan”. And just like that, I said to Stacey that we should sell HooHoo and get a van instead! We realised that it would me