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Turkey and all it's delight

A country that never ceased to amaze us at how big it is! You think where your heading is only an hour or so away, 4-5 hours later you arrive! So in hindsight, spending 5 weeks there just wasn’t enough and we would love to go back and take our time, maybe 3 months. And the people, wow, so hospitable.. within our first few days of being there we met some locals, who brought us a cup of Turkish tea each, and then recommended a beautiful bay to stay in. So we went there the next day, and the family was there, so they gave us more tea, plus some freshly caught fish! The locals are also so kind to the stray dogs, sometimes even paying out fo them to be neutered or spayed.   The bay recommended to us by locals Hammock out right away in Turkey Breakfast with a cow! Got the recording studio out! You may be aware already, but the cost of fuel in Turkey is so cheap, we were paying around €0.90 a litre, plus sometimes you’d even get a free cup of Çai (tea) with it! This helped balance out the cos