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Transiting through Albania in a Transit

Albania ended up being mostly a transit country for us. We did in total spend about 2 weeks there; 5 days making our way from our petsit in Montenegro to one in Greece for Christmas and then 6 days on the way back up to Montenegro to collect some bits that our new friends had brought back from England for us - essentials like ale, gravy granules and gas bottles! We also then wanted to go to Kosovo through Albania, but sadly when we got to the border at Kosovo they needed us to take out border insurance for our van Luna, which was going to cost €138, which was a a lot of money considering we were only going to be there for a few days. So we turned back around and went back through border control, and then got the most thorough search we’ve ever had through border control, by the Albanian police intent on finding drugs! I tried explaining to them we’d only been in Kosovo for 5 minutes, but I don’t think they quite understood! This was the closes we got to North Macedonia, just across the

Magical Moments in Montenegro

Magical Moments in Montenegro We spent over a month in Montenegro, mainly because we were pet sitting for 3 weeks of it. We found that Montenegro is very much coast with a backdrop of mountains! The roads are sometimes questionable, either they don’t exist or they are such sheer slopes. Due to this we mainly hugged the coast, but did venture inland, following the main road rather than the many “side roads”! Our first stop was the beautiful old town of Kotor. A huge tourist destination in summer imagine but in November we had it nearly to ourselves. We parked up facing Kotor so had about a 20-30 minute walk along the shore to get to it. We arrived late in the day, so we got to see it sparkle at night, creating a love heart shape reflection on the sea. We enjoyed some drinks and a Montenegrin charcuterie and cheese board, sat outside as the weather was very mild. It’s definitely a place we recommend to anyone, and if you love steep walks then you can walk all round the walled  town! Over