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Meet HooHoo!

  So after working hard for 5 months we decided it was time to go! We bought a 2003 Honda CR-V and converted it into a mini camper with a roof top tent, check out the video here. We decided to start with the UK as it is a beautiful country and one should always explore your home land. So we went to Wales! And it was true to its nature... very wet! Really tested us in our roof tent... We of course went to the Brecon Beacons as well as Snowdonia. We enjoyed supposedly the best ice cream in the world at Llandudno, at The Looking Glass, although we had ours in crepes! It was delicious, but we can't say we are ice cream entrepreneurs, so wouldn't be able to tell you if it was the best in the world. We then just couldn't take the wet and cold anymore, so decided to head to our friends in Bristol to warm up! After a few days we ventured to Bath and Stacey fell in love... with the place, not with someone else!! Berkeley got to have a selfie with the town that shares his name, not q

Crazy Covid Consequences

  Well hello again everyone! It has been a while.. our plans have been upturned many a times including having to return back from Australia due to the Covid-19 pandemic! So where did we leave you.. ah yes! We gave you New Zealand in a nutshell.. well after that we made it to Melbourne Australia. We arrived by cruise ship.. fancy we know! It was a special cruise to celebrate Will's Dads 70th birthday.. shhh! Don't tell him we told you his age! We did actually get to enjoy Sydney for 2 days.. but to be honest, the best bit for us was seeing the opera house light up at night, and we went on a day tour to Manly beach. We saw our first ever shark, tiny but still amazing! And we saw a stingray! We then cruised on down to Melbourne, which we thought was just like Bristol but bigger! A very vibrant and young city! Our new home... we planned to work there for a few months before buying a camper and travelling around the land of Oz! Well we got the home.. and Will managed to get a job ga