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New Zealand in a Nutshell!

  What a BLAST! If you are wanting to start your travelling adventures, this is a great place to do so, especially in a campervan! Not only are the Kiwis really lovely people, the set up for new travellers is awesome! With Freedom campsites (where you can camp for free at some really amazing places), plenty of job opportunities, and fabulous scenery wherever you look! Not only that, but coming from England where the roads a dismal with potholes everywhere, here the roads are in fantastic condition, with huge hard shoulders too! And pretty much every bridge now matter how big or small is named, which we thought was really cute! The music playing in the bars and cafes is always really good too! A few hints and tips from us: Buying and Selling a Campervan If you are planning on buying a campervan when you get to New Zealand, the best places are Auckland or Christchurch. We flew into Auckland so that place made sense for us. Make sure you take enough cash roughly for the campervan budget y