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Spain, Portugal and my Childhood Home

  Ok so we ventured from France to Spain for the good weather, and didn’t it greet us with sunshine! On the way we travelled through the Pyrenees, and what stunning views! And then we continued through Spain and Portugal, here are some of our highlights… Drinking Rioja in La Rioja.. a must, just like the Bordeaux in Bordeaux! We treated ourselves a couple of times to a hotel night (cheaper that a campsite in some places) in both Santander and Salamanca, enjoying the luxury of a warm bed and a private bathroom! It’s the small things in life!! We visited the pink cathedral, Basilica de Santa Maria la Real de Covadonga, which is made out of pink sandstone, and whilst we were there there was a wedding being celebrated. Then we went to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Praia as Catedrais. Clear water, almost white sand, and high cliffs, stunning anywhere you looked! Then when we hit Portugal we decided to visit their bread museum, and wasn’t that interesting (not being sarcas

Fun in France!

  Firstly, we apologise for not keeping up with our blog posts, we sort of got side tracked, but we promise to try to keep more active on here for you all! So our last blog post introduced HooHoo, and then took us to France. Well we made it to France for my birthday (Stacey was a tad jealous!) and we enjoyed getting drunk with some locals who spoke a little bit of English, and with my little bit of French, we somehow met in the middle.. either that or it was the 7% beer I was drinking!! Plus then we were given homemade raspberry liquor, or Stacey was anyway!! Anyways, our highlights of France include going to the city of love, Paris, for our 7th year anniversary. No better place really to be. We got the train in and enjoyed a late croissant and pastry breakfast, a few steps from the Eiffel Tower. We then did some more sightseeing, breaking it up with often bar stops (mostly just to be able to take our mask off due to Covid), and eating lovely food. It was such a great day that we poppe