Heading North for warmth!

 Hi guys!

Yeah, it seems a weird concept to go north for warmth but as it stands we are chasing the sun! We have been wearing man layers pf clothing and still been cold. We were not prepared for this weather at all. Isn’t it suppose to be sunny and warm all the time here? Hoping by our birthdays we can be on a beach in the sun! Keep your fingers crossed for us! Especially with all the lovely weather your’e getting.

We’ve visited a couple of lovely places over the past few days as we make our way up to 90 mile beach ( have google and I’m sure you’ll get just as excited as we are).

Berkeley enjoying Waipu Cove

We got excited for the blue sky!!

But it was still cold (even for Berkeley)!

View point on our way to camp

Baldrock, Topuni - This lovely campsite was out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields and mountains (well at least big hills anyway), we were greeted by a very friendly dog who even came to see us the morning along with some rather curious chickens! We considered going for a nice long walk on there 100 acre land but it rained and rained so we had a movie day insead. I know, I know it seems lazy, but come on guys we have a whole year to go, give us a break. A movie night in a Campervan with a kindle is not as easy as it sounds, trust me, but we were determined to make it work!

We then ventured on to the free campsites. Not going to lie we had our reservations about this, or at least Stacey did. However I think the photos speak from themselves:

Wellingtons Bay, Whangaumu Reserve - Wow, what a site. We were literally right on the beach, the sea seemed so inviting but with all our 10 layers on we restrained ourselves, plenty of time for that anyway.The views were stunning out of our Campervan window looking out to the sea right in front of us, and falling asleep to the sound of the waves. Waking up to the sunrise, enjoying a cuppa on the beach and listening to the birds that sound like R2D2 (no jokes!) google a Tui bird call.

We are now sitting in a cafe in Kawakawa for a quick tea/coffee stop and wifi pinching just for you lot (It's a hard life)!

P.S. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about pictures of out camper but we want to get her ready for you first.


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