The adventure begins

 Well we definitely won’t miss the traffic in the UK! M25 and M4 always hectic! Let’s just say it was a long and nail biting drive to the airport! But we made it and Will’s parents waved us off with teary eyes.

Having cram packed our suitcases and making sure we had packed everything we thought we would need, there was always something else that we could ‘squeeze in’, including last minute mugs to remind us of home. You never know what you’re going to need when starting up life in a campervan.

Thai airways was posh by our standards, it’s no Ryanair, that’s for sure. We couldn’t believe the heat as we stepped off the plane in Bangkok, I guess we have that to look forward to! Sadly we didn’t stop long, only enough time for a pint and a snack at place called ‘Pub’ (of course you’d find us there!) and before we knew it we were back on a plane for 11 hours heading for New Zealand.

Some how the second flight seemed longer although half an hour shorter, funny how theses things are. You completely lose track of all time, on the flight you are given the time in Bangkok and the time in Auckland but when you are somewhere in between and you still don’t really understand what time it is.

So we made it! After being cooped up for nearly 30 hours in airports or flying its amazing how good it felt to have that first breath of fresh air! When you step out the airport in the beginning of a new adventure in a new and exciting place you almost always expect to be hit by a rush of warm air, but no. It was grey, cold and very wet; we weren’t sure if we’d gone full circle and ended up back at Heathrow!

Thinking we had beat jet lag we adventurously took a walk (in the now pouring rain) into the city and found one of the sellers for a camper van we had been looking at. Prior to this we had made a pact with each other to not buy the first camper van we see and to really take our time to shop around and think about it. Guess how long that lasted! As soon as we set eyes on it we were pretty much convinced. It didn’t take much persuasion from the seller and within the hour we had bought it!

So, you know that jet lag thing we thought we got the better of?... Well, we were in bed asleep by 6pm. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. I know, I know, rooky mistake, we should have pushed through but that is way easier said than done. 3:30am. Wide awake.


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