Spa Day

 This morning we treated ourselves to a Maori style spa day at Ngawha springs! For just $5 each (£2.80 each) it is very relaxing, if you can ignore the stench of rotten eggs from the Sulphur. We spent a few hours just lazing in the warmth with sun shining down on us, it was bliss (you get use to the smell).They are one of only two in the world that naturally rise to the surface without any assistance. They ranged in heat from hot from 35C to 44C - we only dipped into that one it was VERY hot! Then you go into the freezing cold ones. Our skin is now nice and soft.

Yesterday we visited 90 mile beach, Spirit Bay and Cape Reinga (the furthest point North of NZ). We found some cool crab fossils on 90 mile beach, and considered walking the whole lot, but that was as far as we got.. considering it! Spirits bay was astonishing, with white sands and then wild horses, magical! We could have stayed the night there but we ended up moving on.

Spirits Bay

Spirits Bay Wild Horses
Spirits Bay - Stacey enjoying the view

Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga

Only 9735 miles away!

At Cape Reinga you can see the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean collide together and create a mini whirlpool. Didn't get any good pictures of this unfortunately!

The night before that we stayed at a lovely camp site and got take away fish and chips (was tasty but not the best we’ve had yet!). They had a friendly pig, lots of chickens, ducks and some rabbits.


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