The Abel Tasman

We decided that the most relaxing and peaceful way to observe the Abel Tasman was by freedom kayaking, basically you just rent a kayak for the day and get to go off and do your own thing. This was great as it meant we could go at our own pace, stop where we wanted to and spend as long as we liked in places.

So we enjoyed our own two private beaches, one we stopped at and had our packed lunch (gourmet sandwiches, crisps and a can of tinned peaches!), then the other we stopped at for some sunbathing and a swim whilst looking over at the Abel Tasman. We mastered our landing and taking off, after getting a bit wet on the first landing!

We also ventured over to see the fur seals and saw some pups from last year, and a random penguin chilling on the water!

Although maybe relaxing isn’t the right word for this entirely as after a while the rowing motion gets a bit hard on the arms and shoulders, it was nice to be able to chill on the kayak, especially on the way back as the wind was with us so we could slowly make our way back without having to row too much! We definitely slept well that night!


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