Spain, Portugal and my Childhood Home

 Ok so we ventured from France to Spain for the good weather, and didn’t it greet us with sunshine!

On the way we travelled through the Pyrenees, and what stunning views!
And then we continued through Spain and Portugal, here are some of our highlights…

Drinking Rioja in La Rioja.. a must, just like the Bordeaux in Bordeaux!

We treated ourselves a couple of times to a hotel night (cheaper that a campsite in some places) in both Santander and Salamanca, enjoying the luxury of a warm bed and a private bathroom! It’s the small things in life!!

We visited the pink cathedral, Basilica de Santa Maria la Real de Covadonga, which is made out of pink sandstone, and whilst we were there there was a wedding being celebrated.

Then we went to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Praia as Catedrais. Clear water, almost white sand, and high cliffs, stunning anywhere you looked!

Then when we hit Portugal we decided to visit their bread museum, and wasn’t that interesting (not being sarcastic), very beautiful place telling the Portuguese and Spanish history and relationship with bread throughout the years. Well worth a visit if ever you find yourself nearby.
Now we talk about the Covao dos Conchos in Serra de Estrela… wow! A 1.5 hour walk to a manmade circular waterfall inside a lake, absolutely stunning. When we took this picture we showed a friend we had made at the local hotel, and he thought we had nicked it from Google!

Then Covid restrictions hit and we had to dash down to my childhood home in Mijas, Andalucia before they started closing borders. So we luckily got to drive up the highest point in Portugal first, being above the clouds was amazing at Serra de Estrela and get some photos, local cheese and ham before driving 8.5 hours to my parents!


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