Belgium Beer, Frites and Waffles

1st August, we boarded the ferry to Calais! We normally choose the ferry as it’s about £50 cheaper than the EuroTunnel, and we like the views!

First stop obviously had to be Carrefour (French supermarket) to load up on wine and a bit of cheese - as it’s cheaper than Belgium. Then we headed straight into Belgium and spent a relaxing evening near Alveringem. 

So as you may already know, Belgium is famous for it’s beer, amongst other things, and they have over 1500 different beers. I made it my mission to try every one.. only kidding! But I did try lots and we went to a couple of breweries: Westmalle, which was more of a restaurant and you weren’t allowed in the Abbey to see the monks brewing the beer, but we tried their 2 different beers and it came with a bit of their home made Trapist cheese, which was similar to a mild cheddar. The other brewery we went to was Achelse Kluis brewery, and although once again you weren’t allowed into the brewery to see how its all done, you could enjoy a beer or two and their shop was very fully stocked of so many different beers, not just from their own brewery. So we were sure to fill up that basket!

Some other things Belgium is famous for is waffles and frites, and boy did we eat a lot of frites! They have ‘frites’ shops everywhere, even on the side of the main road. There is a bit of a competition between the French and the Belgium when it comes to their fries… and to be honest, it’s all down to personal preference. However, we were told when we were in the North of France a couple of years ago that the Belgiums cook their fries in animal fat which is why they are supposedly tastier. I think we agreed that Stacey prefers Belgium ones and I prefer French one in the end. The other reason we ate so many fries is because they are cheap and a quick filler when exploring a town or city! As for the waffles, that was more of Stacey’s passion, and we did have some really amazing waffles in a very posh waffle cafe. We actually found it a little trickier to find places to have waffles, which we found surprising, but nonetheless, these waffles in particular made up for it!

Oh and the cows have really short legs!

Out of all the towns and cities we visited we agreed that we did really like Ghent as it wasn’t as busy as Bruges, although similar in layout. With the pretty river flowing through and the hustle and bustle on the cobbled streets. We enjoyed a drink whilst watching the boats go past and the ‘tourists’ climbing a board. 

Picturesque Ghent

Brussels was an exciting day out for us, we parked at this free Campervan site right next to a bus stop and caught the bus in (2 for 1 tickets as well as it was August!). We naturally visited Manneken Pis (the boy peeing statue), which was a lot smaller than we imagined, the statue that is! The chocolate duplicates of the statue in the shops were bigger than the real thing! We enjoyed some Belgium chocolate and Stacey even tried some Belgium cherry beer called Kriek, which was very tasty. 

Sampling the Kriek beer!

Chocolate and desserts!

I wanted to enjoy Belgium Mussels but not in the capital, so we found this cute tiny village called Celles, where we sat out in the sunshine and I got to enjoy one of favourite delicacies!

A cute bar we found in the middle of nowhere
I'm very happy!

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