Luxurious Luxembourg

Albeit a very small country, and a very pricey one at that, Luxembourg does have plenty of charm!

Coming from Belgium into Luxembourg we could instantly see a difference. We didn’t have long to visit this beautiful country before we were meeting up with family just across the border in Germany. 
We started our trip going to visit Burfeit in the Naturpark Oewerauer for a walk. We were supposed to go on a hike, but made it 1 km to the view point and saw people down on the beach below enjoying the crystal clear waters, and we wanted to do that instead! Sadly though when we drove there we had to pay €3 per hour for parking, so we decided against that. We did enjoy some cute plasticine drawings done on the trees, by what we presume could have been a school trip! Very cute!

Views from the view point

We drove through stopping at a couple of picturesque towns such as Vianden, Beaufort, Larochette and Mullertal, before going to Naturpark Our. Sadly we didn’t get any good photos of these!!

A lovely park up in the woods near La Rochette

Whilst visiting our family, we all went into Luxembourg City. Once we went for a wonder around the town, enjoying the scenic views around the old town, and then we went another time as there was a local summer festival on, with rides and bars. 
Views over the city from our Carousel ride

We enjoyed a nice drink at this cool bar!

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