Swanning through Switzerland

We raced down to Switzerland after spending a few weeks with family in order to get there for Stacey’s birthday. We found a spot in a local park in the forest, with a restaurant that does cheese fondue. The whole reason why we came to Switzerland for Stacey’s birthday! 

Sadly the weather wasn’t our friend for the actual day, lots of heavy rain, but we still made the most of the day. Popped into the local town Neuchâte, had a wonder round and did a bit of shopping just to keep us out of the torrential downpour! Then in the evening we popped to the restaurant on our doorstep and enjoyed a cheese fondue amongst locals while gazing over at the alps. 

When in Switzerland it’s all about cheese and chocolate, and of course the scenery. So we therefore had to visit Gruyeres and buy some Gruyère cheese, and go for a lovely walk around the picturesque old town. 

A herd of Deer we saw resting


Views from Gruyere
Some lovely views on our walk
We found a park up high in the mountains that night with the sound of cowbells and a thunderstorm!

We ventured to Gstaad which was like the Swiss equivalent of Puerto Banus in Marbella, Spain, just without the fancy boats! But super expensive designer shops, where Stacey considered buying a scarf for €400!! Even the burger pop up takeaway place was charging “Gstaad” prices. So instead we just wondered around the town, pretending we were rolling in it! 

Prada amongst others in Gstaad

More stunning views

We chose to take the Sustenpass out of Switzerland heading towards Italy, and it was the perfect choice. We even spent the night along it, parked up basking in the stunning scenery.


Saw this cute little Moo
on one of our walks

So far Switzerland has been Staceys favourite country. Not only is it gorgeous and the chocolate and cheese divine, but we were also so impressed by it’s cleanliness and accommodating nature towards van lifers. We stayed at a couple of places where a fire pit was built and there were stacks of logs with an axe to borrow! 

We only stayed a week in Switzerland, mainly because of cost, but I’m sure we shall return one day. And we made sure to pass a supermarket on the way out to buy a cheese fondue to make in Luna of course!
Went for a dip in the lovely lake
heading towards Interlaken

We visited Ascona on our way out too,
eating out pack up lunch by the shore

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