Magical Moments in Montenegro

Magical Moments in Montenegro

We spent over a month in Montenegro, mainly because we were pet sitting for 3 weeks of it. We found that Montenegro is very much coast with a backdrop of mountains! The roads are sometimes questionable, either they don’t exist or they are such sheer slopes. Due to this we mainly hugged the coast, but did venture inland, following the main road rather than the many “side roads”!

Our first stop was the beautiful old town of Kotor. A huge tourist destination in summer imagine but in November we had it nearly to ourselves. We parked up facing Kotor so had about a 20-30 minute walk along the shore to get to it. We arrived late in the day, so we got to see it sparkle at night, creating a love heart shape reflection on the sea. We enjoyed some drinks and a Montenegrin charcuterie and cheese board, sat outside as the weather was very mild. It’s definitely a place we recommend to anyone, and if you love steep walks then you can walk all round the walled 


Overlooking Zelenika and enjoying our own cocktails!

We had a date night in Becici, treating ourselves to wine and pizza. We went for a stroll along the promenade, and loved the views.

I can’t quite tell you where this was, but we drove up a mountain and had a bbq here, and it was so quiet, almost deafening!

We stayed at this lovely spot near the city Niksic, and met another friendly dog, but we reckon he had a home as he wasn’t skinny or interested in food, just wanted love and pets! I even got to take him for a “walk” down to the lake side. 

We wanted to visit Lake Piva and Durmitor National Park, but it was a long way in the opposite direction and because the weather was horrendous we didn’t want to go all that way and not be able to enjoy any views as it would be all foggy. Maybe some other time! 

The town of Bar has another lovely promenade which we enjoyed a stroll along, before heading to our Petsit near Ulcinje.

Osgard Monastery

We drove up to this magical monastery, and although the weather was pretty bad, it almost seemed to stop raining for us to enjoy this place. Built into a sheer cliff face, it was quite special with wonderful views too. We stayed the night in the car park (as there was no one else there) and fed a local stray his dinner and breakfast!

We got to look after these four gorgeous puppies: Ali, Bindi, Nellie and Ellie. And made friends with the local neighbour Zjivko, who would come over every morning for a coffee and a Rakia (homemade brandy). He didn’t speak a word of English and we only knew a few words in Montenegrin, so we got by with a little help from Google Translate, but mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company. He invited us over to his place on our final night for coffee, rakia and homemade wine. 

Nellie and Ellie snuggles
Bindi being a tart!

Enjoying a Rakia with our friend Zjivko!
Bindi posing for the camera

Ali loving the beach
Enjoying a beer with the girls

We also got to make great friends with Cherie and Ian, and then the couple who took over from us, Oscar and Ella. We got on so well that when we returned to Montenegro (after a cat sit in Greece) to collect some bits that were brought back from the UK for us, we stayed for a whole extra week! We helped out doing some work on their place getting it ready for summer rentals, and then we enjoyed skiing in Kolasin. Now I know you don’t tend to think of Montenegro and skiing in the same thought, however this ski resort was awesome! We went mid week and it was very quiet for a ski resort. Sometimes we’d go down a slope and we’d see maybe one or two other people. The first day I decided to snowboard as that was the last thing I had done (over 10 years ago!), and I fell over so many times, that it was just exhausting. Stacey tried out a 30 minute lesson, but decided it wasn’t for her so headed to the bar instead! The next day, everybody else apart from Ian and I headed back home as they had the puppies with them and we had to check out of the log cabin we had rented. So Ian and I hit the slopes, but this time I went skiing. And it was so much better! I fell over only 5 times in the whole day, and could enjoy it so much more. As long as I ignored the burn in my legs!! So from now on I think I’ll stick to skiing.

Working with a view!

Whiskey on the way for Dutch courage!
We went up so Stacey could see the top!

After enjoying a couple of party nights with our new friends, we eventually left Montenegro, and headed into Albania.

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